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almost like woot but cooler to the 2nd degree. A refreshing alternative to the overused gamer slang
omg guys I talked to a girl today, woop!
de t3ch 17 juillet 2004
313 131
A very useful sound when it comes to expressing how you feel, a sound of happyness!!! :)

Also another out take of the word woop is woot!!! also very handy
" How Are you?"
"Im great"


"wooooop i just got a new phone"
de Zoe And Jess 25 avril 2006
285 116
When someone shits in their sleeping bag while sleeping in a tent.
Woops (and then falls back asleep in it)
de Wasss4 15 avril 2011
62 16
When something back happens and u cant take it back.. often replaced by "oh shit!" "i fucked up" or "oops"
woops, the condom broke..
de Sum chick frum Nav-City 15 mai 2004
43 19
U.S. Naval Academy slang, when referencing a West Point (U.S. Military Academy) Cadet.
The woops always lose the Army-Navy game. GO NAVY...BEAT ARMY!
de MID08 1 décembre 2004
133 118
expressing a mistake
Woops I broke the plate.
de Basheeba 23 novembre 2002
39 40
The acronym for 'watch out of practice'
"So why didn't she call you back?"
"Idk... she said she was wooping with da family."
de jkLLAP96 9 décembre 2011
16 20