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Gang related question
"Where the fuck u from dogg??"
no where homie i dont bang foo

de yo man 20 février 2003
67 28
Something gang members ask to see where other gang members are from,

NEVER be in one City and Represent another.
Gang Member:Where you from?

Some Guy:Same place your from.

Gang Member:You bang?

Some Guy:I wish.

At this point it might be a good idea to buy the Gang Member a beer.
de BIG DADDY DOUGH 16 juillet 2006
48 23
A phrase used by Gang Members to verbally identify other Gang Members. Either friendly, or hostile.
Hey, where you from?

I'm from hell for you Homie. Families. Orange Grove Street Families.
de CeeJay!!! 3 mars 2007
22 24
What do u claim? do u bang?
de chello 20 février 2003
15 20