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Basically saying how badly someone or something sucks.
You suck ass.

Damn this job sucks ass.
de Trevor M. 21 juillet 2004
156 36
Much worse than "suck". Something that sucks to the nth power.
I can't believe I sat through that garbage! That sucked ass!
de S-ISM 25 août 2005
100 15
Definition: Suck's so bad that it suck's ass. To have total suckage. Devoid of funk.

Origin: Northern California
That dj elektroholic sucksass!
de Robert Roid 1 avril 2004
4 5
Someone who sucks on ones buttcheeck
he gave me a good wet one last night that boy really sucks ass!
de datruth111 18 mai 2011
5 16