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A person who will attempt to make you repeat what you just said to give them a little more time to think of something to smart to say and/or make you look dumb for repeating yourself.

Usually using the guise that they didn't hear or understand you, this is becoming extremely common.

Hard to defend against, but sometimes just waiting a minute or calling their bluff may win the day.
Social Example-
you: "hey dude what happened to that cute girl you were gonna ask out"
staller: "what?"
you: "i said where's that cute girl that you were.."
staller: "o that GIRL, she died"
you: "fuck off you heard me the first time"

Work Example-
you: "hey would it be okay if I went and finished that job?"
staller: "what did you say?"
you: "you heard me"
staller: "yeah, no that would be a good idea"
de OpiatedONE 1 février 2010
Someone who takes an inordinate amount of time inside a bathroom stall. It is unclear if they are reading, sleeping, or using it for its intended purpose. Especially annoying during the busiest times, aka "flush hour".
My coffee kicked in so I went into the mens room ... not only was it flush hour, but there was a staller...I didn't think I was going to make it dude!
de pauldonyc 17 novembre 2010
a girl whose name appears on the side of one or numerous bathroom stalls.
nah, dude, don't go for trish. she's a total staller.
de Travis Verner 30 juillet 2006
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