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adj meaning cool awesome the best
That was the sickest party ever yo.
de YO 19 octobre 2003
57 9
Superlative meaning the best ever. Often used in tandem with "ever," as in "sickest ever."

Idiomatic expression or interjection indicating greatness, or any supremely positive expression. Used without another word.
During an extremely psychedelic jam session by a hippie band, various members of the audience might yell, "Sickest!" After the show they will call their friends who didn't make it to the concert to tell them they missed "the sickest ever set tonight, dude!"
de JoeSoHeady 27 avril 2006
14 6
You are out of control,wild,crazy,dumb
goin outside undecent....Yu da sickest for dat....anything funny,crazy or unordinary..deserves to be called da's a sick nigga
de Lil-Darnell 21 août 2008
1 7
gay,fag,dusch bag, kid that u cant stand because he so fuckin annoying.
your just the fuckin sickest kid.
de whatcolorwhat 7 octobre 2008
2 26