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This is a slang word for a female in the Navy made popular by males in the Navy in San Diego. Usually a sea monster is one of the few girls on a ship full of guys. She usually isn't very hot, but thinks shes really hot because she gets hit on 24/7. She might be a slut. You might find her hot and then she becomes uglier as you get to know her better. She usually isn't very nice, usually bitter because of the way some guy did her previously. She might be a dyke, sometimes females in the Navy end up hating males and they end up rug munchers.

Conversation had on 6 month Deployment Sea Tour:

Young Naive Shipmate: "Woah! That girl is fine!"

Older Wiser Shipmate: "Easy young buck! That is what we call a Sea Monster...Your best bet is to stay clear from her! Don't be cast under her Sea Monster spell!"

Young Naive Shipmate: "Dammit! I can't wait til we get back to San Diego!"
de blackshirts 420 1 mars 2010
A single turd so long that, when sitting in the bottom of the toilet, it appears as a mythical sea serpeant sticking its head out of the water.
"I was so constipated the last few days, I finally birthed this huge seamonster."
de ColonGrl 10 septembre 2009
A ridicuously massive shlong. Must be at least 7 inches flacid
Did you hear about that kid on the hockey team?
Yeah, i heard his seamonster was 10 inches flacid
de Mushroom Mike 6 avril 2011
A person who plays Counter-Strike and is loved by not too many.

Brother of Conifist
Hey, Seamonster, how come you get so many HS?
de Seamonster 2 mai 2004
a penis which submerged in water or wet
his trunks fell and his sea-monster was clearly visible to the next swimming group
de Tom King 11 avril 2006
Ever since the human race took to the high seas there have been stories of unidentified sea monsters. Even in this age of science, there are still sightings of sea beasts which go unexplained. Many sightings, I'm certain, can be explained away by giant squid, whales and the like, but there still remains the fact that only one per-cent of the sea has been properly explored. Megaladon, a giant prehistoric shark, is said to have died out millions of years ago, but teeth only thousands of years old have been found. Some sea monsters resemble plesiosaurs, a kind of dinosaur-like animal thought to have died out some sixty-five million years ago. Scientists claim a cold-blooded reptile would never be able to tolerate the cold water. This is despite the fact that plesiosaurs (as well as icthiosaurs) are known to have inhabited freezing seas. And, as dinosaurs are now thought to have been warm-blooded, I see no reason why animals like plesiosaurs couldn't have also been warm-blooded. One famous sea monster is 'Morgawr', an unidentified animal said to live around Falmouth Bay in Cornwall. Two photographs, sent into a newspaper in the seventies by 'Mary F', show what seems to be a curious long-necked animal. However, as they are both in silhouette and 'Mary F' has never revealed herself, I don't know quite what to make of these photos. Though personally I'm sure there are many animals, maybe including plesiosaurs or plesiosaur-like animals, still awaiting discovery in the sea.
I often despair of people who seem to make it their life's work to prove some sea monster or lake monster doesn't exist. Whatever has happened to the human urge to explore and discover the unknown?
de Stormsworder 24 décembre 2006
1. Form of sexual deviancy in which one of the male gender encounters an attractive female on the street during a rainy night, throws her down in a puddle, and rapes her. This is generally frowned upon by anyone residing north of the mason-dixon line. Elsewhere, however, not so much.
2. My dick
1. I was walking home from work the other night when I seamonstered this chick. She totally wanted it.
2. When she caught up with me afterward, she butchered my seamonster. Go figure.
de codgermayne 4 mai 2009
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