A place where people can receive education and also build some sort of work ethic or discipline, because that's what your life (and your employer, that is... if you don't manage to retire early) will demand from you - discipline. Often it is populated by dum-witted pussies who don't stop complaining about how much school sucks and, often, how "comformist" it is - if you are so gullible and can't make up your own opinion, and filter the bullshit from useful information, follow this wonderful guide by maddox:
www.thebestpageintheuniverse .net/c.cgi?u=suicide
www.thebestpageintheuniverse .net/c.cgi?u=manly_suicide

3 steps to getting through school:
1) Do your stupid work (instead of complaining - sure, none of us like that, but you gotta do it)
2) Pass the test
3) Graduate

From there you can do whatever you please, but sure as hell no one is going to hire your a$$ if you can't spell/do math or are pretty much useless for these reasons.

Oh and speaking of conformity - whiny-ass pussies tend to form groups that conform to a single opinion, resulting in them being hypocrites and losers.
An intelligent person: Phew, I finally graduated and got accepted to a nice institute.
Whiny-ass pussies: Conformist bastard, we're gonna go smoke weed and play halo, because school sucks.

10 years later:
An intelligent person: Dang, I'm making good money and working on my early retirement.
Whiny-ass pussies: Would you like me to bag your groceries, Sir?
A facility that teaches young people great skills for life.


You have a great privilege, open your damn eyes, having free education. People in developing countries would love to have such opportunities, and many of you dumbasses are taking it for granted.

"Torture?" Hah. You morons are insulting those whom have suffered true torture.

Your hatred for school obviously stems from your frustation at being utterly stupid, and unable to comprehend what they teach, not because it sucks.

How will you know if the things you learn you'll "never need in real-life," anyway? Are you 100% sure of the job you wish to undertake for the rest of your life?
School is cool. *thumbs up*
de Dark_Reaper 17 juillet 2005
An excellent facility for drug deelings, bashups, smoking and having a root .
Whoopty doo! we all love school!
de Amanda W. 3 juillet 2003
A center of learning.
Judging by the crap posted on this dictionary, a lot of people need more school. You braindead zombies. Open up a fucking book, read, write, learn math and science, and become a productive and innovative member of society. Otherwise, just drop out of school and jump off a bridge. Otherwise, you will end up draining the world's resources and giving nothing back.

Here's some simple math for ya, kids.

Don't go to school = Be a loser.

de GreatestThinkerEver 1 août 2003
A prison that teaches you shit yuo'll be forced to use later.
Kid: Man, school sucks...
~Ten Years Later~
Man(Former kid): Dude I'm so glad I stayed in that excuse for a prion I'M A ROCKSTAR NOW!!!
de Amanda S. 11 juillet 2005
a plaice that makes you more smarter. You read stuf and then you get smrt and stuf like that.
Bob: "hey Kip, lets go to school tomorrow to get more smarter."
Kip: "ok but im already like really smart lmao lol so i dont need books and stuf lol"
de j_breeze 29 juillet 2006
A place where unappreciated teacher attempt to teach kids something. Most kids think school is 'pointless' well guess what stupid, if you payed attention you'd know why this was useful. Since you hate school so much why don't you spend all day slaving at a job instead?
Most people who like school are nerds aka smart people.
de Newbia 5 mai 2004

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