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a girl (often attractive, but sometimes not) who trolls male dominated subcultures (ie: video games, RPGs, hardcore, metal) for desperate males. Thier victims are usually "dorky" young men who don't have much experience with women (due to being part of a male dominated subculture) and are desperate for female attention. They play on these mens desire to meet a female who "understands them" and "is into the same stuff", and then manipulate them into servitude. Some use sex, some don't even have to go that far. Once they have acquired whatever they want from the victim, they split and leave him brokenhearted. They usually cheat on them, often with thier freinds/other guys in thier respective subculture. Sausage Queens are quite often found on the internet. They're known to go on message boards where they know desperate dorky guys frequent and announce that they are female. They tend to have "girl" in thier username. They're also known to post scantily clad/nude pictures of themselves. She becomes the center of attention and has her pick of victims.
"look at that girl over there, with the 6 guys following her around. .what a sausage queen"
#attention whore #drama queen #tomboy #scenewhore #witch
de kijima 14 novembre 2006
A slightly chubby woman, but one you're grateful for when she's the only type left in the bar at last call because she'll still go home with you. Most likely originated in the South, and named thusly because she looks like she ate a lot of it growing up (or, alternately, because she's easy).
This place sucks. The best we're gonna do here is one of the sausage queens over there in the corner.
#thick #easy #chubby #one-night stand #bar
de monkey42 31 mai 2006
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