Like Rofl.

That pic is so funny. It deserves more than just rofl.

#rofl #roflcoptersaurus rex #roflcake #epic win #emo
de Pirate Cyborg Ninja Jesus 21 avril 2011
When playing any FPS - First Person Shooter - the player, usually a noob player, spins in a circle shooting wildly. Preferred weapons to use are machine guns, but other weapons such as rocket launchers or auto shotguns can be used successfully. To do a successful ROFL COPTER, the player must actually score a kill.
Player 1: Dude, i just pulled off the most 1337 ROFL COPTER EVER!

Player 2: Your such a noob
#rofl copter #rofl #copter #helicopter #noob
de =XVS= Gweegwee3 27 janvier 2008
An individual who replies with an unusually high frequency of overly used acronyms, and is always one of the first five individuals to comment on any content posted to social media websites.

A member of the baby boom generation that has finally discovered acronyms and uses them at any given opportunity hovering, much like a helicopter, waiting to drop in on your Facebook wall with a ROFL.
Steve's girlfriend is a roflcopter. She always comments LOL, OMG,LMAO,or ROFL to every picture I post. She's so dumb and unimaginative she can't say anything else, and has nothing better to do than to comment on my FaceBook Status
#rofelcopter #lol #lmao #helicopter #acronyms
de PattyPantsMcGee 5 décembre 2010
a funny word that means the same as rofl but it sounds better cause its G
omg that is soo roflcopters
#roflcopters #rofl #laugh #lol #funny
de vorny 9 janvier 2008
a form of sex in which the male participant lies down on the ground.the female then gets on the male in the cowgirl position, proceeding to spin around and around on his dick until the pair begin to hover in the air. People engaging in roflcopter may or may not laugh Hysterically.
hey, trust me, sex hasn't gotten old until you try roflcopter
#sexcopter #skysex #totallyflyingintheairhavinsex #lolcopter #rohslcopter
de lol,wut? 29 novembre 2010
This is the helicopter what DO: rofl rofl rofl rofl
my small heli copter do :rofl rofl rofl rofl ,if it start. I say this is da rofl-copter
#rofl-copter pwned-place #rofl-car #rofl-boat #rofl-plane #rofl-tank
de janmach53 2 novembre 2007
Having Sex on a helicopters wings
That Fat ass died while having Roflcopter
#sex #fat #that #died #having
de E-town Sucks 21 avril 2011
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