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Usually in the Charlotte NC area. Someone who acts like a redneck but trys to dress preppy. Not hitting that nail on the head either. Still wears gold chains the redneck in them...yells profanitys while drinking at the Graduate Independence...(circa 1992-2002). Likes to get in fights.
Prepnecks are anyone from Mint Hill NC. Comes from any outlying rural Charlotte NC area. Usually male. Females wear Keds and have bad boob jobs. Females normally throw drinks to get attention from aforementioned male prepnecks.
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de roger polk 7 août 2006
It's a person who hangs out with preppy people and the rednecks. They dress in their prep clothes sometimes but Wranglers othertimes. They generally aren't one or the other, just both. They fit in with both groups even though preps and rednecks are usually considered opposites.
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de Summer 15 juin 2004
Prep-neck (n): A combination of preppy and redneck. Easily identified by a white baseball cap. Usually the bill of the hat is frayed. Another identifying piece of clothing would be a polo shirt and/or domestic beer branded t-shirt. They travel in packs of three or more to maintain superior numbers to back up their drunken boasts and defend their latent homosexuality. They are completely harmless when alone.

Note:Be wary of any accompanying females. The females are often the ignition source for the prep-neck's fighting fury. They are identified by overly blonde hair and excessive use of facial makeup.
(none: definition of prepneck gives examples within itself)
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de Sp`ange 14 août 2008
Someone who is preppy yet can be somewhat redneck at times. They appear to be preppy but like doing a lot of the same activities rednecks do.
Wow look at that prepneck, he's wearing a polo shirt but is watching a truck pull at a fair.
#redneck #preppy #fairs #prep-neck #preppy-neck
de Tt457 4 septembre 2014
A person who wears camouflage or Carhart one day and J. Crew the next. Said person often is often wealthy and trying to put on the persona of a "good ole southern boy".
Ellen: Hey, what's up with Ed's hunting outfit today? I thought he was a prep.
Monique: That prepneck is having an identity crisis.
Dana: For sure.
#prep #redneck #preppy #outfit #style #clothes
de feelsinitalics 10 janvier 2012
Wears clothes like khakis or dark jeans and clothes from A-F and AE. Also wears Wranglers sometimes. Justin Boots are sometimes worn as well. Alcohol is often used for recreational purposes.
Female Prepneck
de Summer 15 juin 2004
Prepneck- A person who wears Khaki and/or cargo pants (preferably ragged and must be a shade of brown) and either AE longsleave shirts or t-shirts. Hats to certain colleges worn to ragged appearence also a must. The hats must be worn so much that they are dirty and ragged. Alcohol and marijuana are often used for recreational purposes.
Male Prepneck
de Summer 15 juin 2004
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