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1. A person who practices politics.

"Politics" is derived from the words "poly" meaning "many", and "tics" meaning "blood-sucking parasites."

2. One who was perfected the art of lying.

3. A highly paid yes-man.
George W. Bush promised a man mission to Mars, of course we should believe him!
de Gnuoyh 24 octobre 2004
858 107
People that should never, ever be trusted under any circumstances.
de Anonymous 14 mai 2003
569 94
corporate whore who fakes compassion to gain the trust of the general public. Often a complete fuckwit.

Someone who would rather suck thier fathers cock than answer a question honestly.

see: liar, whore, fake.
George Bush, Tony Blair, Margret Thatcher, Ron Davis.

iEcl. Rhodri Morgan/i
de snap 16 mars 2003
470 80
lying asshole
politicians dont do shit for the common man. they only help the rich
de ItsAllBeenDone 30 avril 2004
396 58
Person who so desires power that they have lost all notion of morality and will now do or say anything to acquire more power.
de Alien Entity 22 septembre 2002
399 88
Crook driven by money.
Roughly 95 percent of the time, the politician who spends more money on their campaign wins.
de Care-line 6 janvier 2006
287 39
A dirty thieving cocksucker.
That Reggie is a fucking politician.
de The Great Rando 14 juillet 2002
297 54