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noun: Accourding to Samuel L. Jackson, ABSOLUTELY the worst place to have unaccounted-for snakes.
Samuel L. Jackson: We got Snakes on a Plane, man!
#snakes on a plane #snakes #plane #samuel l. jackson #shaft
de Johey Christian 18 août 2006
a marijuana ciggarette. a "joint"
i just rolled a fat plane. you wanna spark it?
#weed #marijuana #mary jane #plane #joint #blunt
de i<3 MaryJane 30 juillet 2010
Something that those motherfucking snakes should get off of.
Samuel L. Jackson: Thats it! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes, on this motherfucking plane!
#snakes #samuel l. jackson #motherfucking #that #get
de Blitzkrieg999 1 mai 2010
Shorthand for aeroplane.
I just got off the plane an hour ago.
de Gumba Gumba 4 avril 2004
Anything that flies, except helicopters, birds, Superman and Jesus.
"Are those planes?!"
"No, it's just Jesus and Superman again."
#mother's day #irrelevant tags #crazy asians #popular searches #misspronounciation #grammatical errors
de CUNTSNUGGETSONFIRE 21 janvier 2009
To use logical argument to utterly refute someone else's position. From _Anathem_ by Neal Stephenson.
Biden totally planed Palin in the debate last night.
#planed #destroy #refute #rhetoric #demolish
de Fraa Lio 26 septembre 2008
1. v. for a flying object to strike a stationary object.
1. that bird just planed the shit out of my windshield.
2. you best watch out, or i'll pull a john denver and plane your ass.
de dave 14 septembre 2004
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