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The standard unit of resistance offered to current flow by a conductor, used in electricity calculations.

Also see Ohm`s law.
For copper wire resistance is 2-100 ohms, but for a piece of wood it is over 1000 ohms.
de Jai Shri Ram 30 mai 2005
74 37
Acronym: One Hot Momma.
Wow, you are OHM.
de Jonny_S 20 décembre 2008
22 17
Old Hispanic Man - someone who blantanly stares at you or makes suspious guestures trying to holla at you.
Lindseyfay you are such a O.H.M.! You are always stalking these random guys!
de jhrght 19 novembre 2007
5 5
skeeting. usually done on someones face or hair.
Oh my god did he seriously just ohm in your face?!
de ya hurr?! 7 novembre 2006
18 54