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1. Cool, hip, trendy. Corruption of "Of the hook", which meant that something was cool because you'd have to immediately take your phone "of the hook" to tell all your friends about it. Basically, this original thread of meaning has been completely lost with the introduction of the "eezy" (common to a lot of slang at the moment).
"I'd say my plan is more 'off the heezy' now than at any other time." - Draken
de Al 12 octobre 2003
154 33
off the hook, very cool, bitchin'
"yo that's off tha heezy fo sheezy"
de pooter-face snatch-queen 13 mai 2003
72 25
A pass in street hoops, right off the head
Right off the heezy and into the bucket
de Erix 23 mai 2003
39 23
An event, gathering, or cicumstance so euphoric that it can not be described adequately by a simple adjective. Synonyms: Rapturous, splendiferious, raucous.
Yo, that party was off the heezy!
de The Surly Eel 23 mai 2003
24 13
an event, occurance, place, or thing that is said to be, or have been, of great enjoyment
that club last night was off the heezy

that bitches face was buckled, but the pussy was off the heezy
de the ju1ce 17 août 2003
21 14
off the hook (i.e. cool; slammin')
Yo, that shiznay is off the heezy fo' sheezy!
de shizzlemynizzle 25 mai 2003
22 15
Used for such a crazy event, that it can not be defined with simple adjectives.
Man that bitch was stupid fly, and that party was off the heezy.
de Q 17 février 2003
8 3