Top Definition
A African male who knows that he has a huge penis that can hit all night and keep a female comin back fo more
that mandingo work it out on me and when he was done ... i came back fo more like a junky fo drugs!!!
de Lea J. 22 avril 2004
black man with huge cock
Brian is the mandingo in mandingo junction.
de John Smith 30 mars 2005
A penis that exceeds 12 inches.
My mandingo could probably choak a land dwelling mammal.
de David 4 avril 2005
1)big dick african warrior.
2)a man that is hung like a horse.
1) hmm hmm honey, that 2 incher pincher is not going to do it for me, i need a MANDINGO.
de Temmy 6 juin 2004
basically he is a black guy with a big huge dick.
mandingo has a huge giant black dick, reminiscent of a king sized snickers candy bar.
de Quinn=Gsta 29 août 2006
a HUGE black penis
All bruhs got the curse of the mandigo!
de Anonymous 15 juillet 2003
an extremely large penis
Come here so i can show u my mandingo
de jeff e. 13 octobre 2003
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