Being in love

Bein in love is an inexplainable feeling for someone that you, well, love. It is a feeling that you only feel in your heart, when you are away from this person you think about them very often, not in an obsessive way, however.
Love is not obsessive, love is in the heart.
I am so in love with Kyle, my heart jumps when I see him.

I love Ted with all my heart, and it hurts to be without him.

de jisyourlover 18 décembre 2005
A word commonly used by males to get sex
Guy: I love you
Girl: Ok, I'm ready to have sex
de dUBS 30 novembre 2005
Love is a many splendid thing,
Love lifts us up where we belong,
All you need is love
Moulin Rouge! love medley
de aarong 21 juillet 2005
To like to an extremity.
I love you, you love me, we're a happy fam---

*gets shot*
de Evol Enifed 23 mars 2005
love is a sensation when a boy puts his location in a girls destination, do you get my explanation? or do you want a demonstration?
oh yes! i love making love!
de sexypenis69 7 février 2011
Love is the feeling fom the heart that comes to your brian and when you tell the person love they say "well i like you alot but i don't think i LOVE you yet" then he braeks up with you and then u find ur self dating the nerd thats the captin of the chess team


de bumperjc11 12 janvier 2011
Oh so you looked did you?
Well let me explain this seemingly beautiful sensation that is love. Imagine getting hit in the chest my Mike Tyson(Prime Years) then getting kissed by Angelina Jolie all at the same time whilst getting a handy from Michael J Fox. You see, love is a feeling that you only feel whilst you are with the person for a few months then that feeling starts to dry up like a cheap lap dancer in Vagas, leaving you content although slightly disappointed.Let me enlighten you(pubescent girl) love, the real feeling not the one on TV or in the movies, love is boring. Love is putting up with shit, farts and missed dates. If you want to feel the love, the love in movies that has the leading man dying for the one he loves, then you have to break up with your other and see how that feels like. That feeling of loss is the real love that poets have been writing about for eons, that emptiness is love. I strongly suggest you take up masturbation if you want to spare yourself from that pain because god knows that the pain is in knowing that she has moved on and you are alone, in the dark, thinking only of her.Logically without the sentimentality; love is evolutions means of keep humans together for long enough to procreate. Simple rule,works a treat shame that it fades on average after 15 odd years of marriage around the age of 40 when your old and ugly and only a subscription to botex weekly can cure the scurge that is middle aged life.Get the gist, yet pumpkin.
Break up guy:I loved her man, I loved her so much.She was the love of my life.
Dude: Stop being such a pussy! GROW A PAIR AND LAY DOWN THE LAW ON SOME HOs, by which i mean go fuck, alot.
Break up guy: Ok, I will thanks dude you're the man. I will forget Becca, the little whore.
Dude: I know. Now go out a fucktiply. See what I did there multiply and fuck just had sex in my head and they made a new word.
de Liaserg 30 juin 2010

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