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A hot guy with a large penis. Very kinky, good in bed with a body to die for.
Oh god its lloyd he makes me moist
de Jessica 13 avril 2004
972 380
Lloyd. one of the hottest kids in township.
did u see lloyd today? he was lookin good.
de guesss 7 avril 2005
644 369
biggest pimp, pure playa, gets mad pussy
Snoop Dog is a lloyd.
de travis penning 9 mai 2005
587 333
The coolest guy on the face of the friggin' world!!
Wow. That guy is awesome. Must be Lloyd.
de SomeguywhoisnotnamedLloyd 19 mars 2004
508 317
Legend, Cool guy, Pimp...
Woah that guy looks hectic, he must be a Lloyd
de Bjorn 7 décembre 2003
370 226
An English/Welsh name meaning 'one with grey hair'
Person 1: Look at him!
Person 2: Look at his hair! He's a lloyd!
de pfws2009 11 avril 2010
131 88
The best guy ever. If you ever meet a Lloyd, you're lucky. You will love every single thing about him. Lloyd's are usually very outgoing. He is so attractive. He gets all the girls. People love Lloyd. He is the center of attention. If you have him as a boyfriend, he is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. You will never want to let go of him. He is the most amazing all around guy you will ever meet. Lloyd's are perfect.
Man, that guy is a total Lloyd.

I'm so glad that I have a Lloyd.
de Katiekat816 3 février 2014
12 2