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1. shoes
2. Doing something for fun
hey bro nice kicks u got there

hey u wanna smoke this bowl for kicks?
de djnick 6 novembre 2003
996 147
To use your foot as an implement of destruction.
de Dude 2000 8 octobre 2003
710 251
To hang out with someone.
"Im gonna kick it with Jenny."
de Punkhead 25 mai 2005
512 208
New Shoes that are ill. See example below
Sam: Obviously you are obliviouse to the spectation of my newest shoes, in the hood they would call these "kicks".

Bob: That is correct my hip gangster from Harvard. "You are off the chain", so to speak.Those are the "tightest kicks i have ever seen". For shezzy My Neezy
de Sanchez 26 avril 2004
472 246
1. a habit or tendency

2. to break or cease said habit or tendency

3. a noticeable effect
1. "I've been on this stogie kick ever since I discovered scotch whiskey!"

2. "Kicking the smoking habit would be a lot easier if it wasn't for these damn nic fits!"

3. "I gotta say...these jalapeno-covered tabasco-doused enchiladas sure have a kick to them!"
de Hipster 3 juillet 2006
248 81
Look at those nice kicks
de anonymous 7 novembre 2003
247 126
Shoes, footwear
Apparently you fail to comprehend the awesomeness of my kicks. For, when I wear them you are nothing but an infidel. I shall begin to C-walk!
de Berticus 5 novembre 2003
254 149