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a bad curse
He was jinxed for seven years for walking under a ladder
de Kayla 4 mai 2004
Jinx "Da Rhyme Sayer" - Master of yer ceremony slash mind slayer.

Mr.Nice Guy wishes he could shake a rice shaker like Jinx "Da Rhyme Sayer"
de Fin Llama / Nicol Bolas 2 juin 2003
To steal ones person belongings.
yo lets go jinx his sk.
de bkallday86 22 mai 2008
A internet kingpin that runs sites such as Jinx Co.
de Anonymous 7 juillet 2003
not quite right! aka Jonx

get in religion!
Snortin his ashes!
de lynzi 5 mai 2004
From J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series, some kind of inappropriate curse.
to cast a jinx on that stupid witch
de Hay 3 mai 2004
a big time loser who loves phiillip and has short black hair and jumps around for orange and black shoes and has her own style
look at that girl shes a wanna be jinx
de melissa 11 décembre 2004