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i like to jack off
de baby 5 novembre 2003
1940 430
Sexually pleasuring yourself either with your hands or a foreign object.
Jacking off is typical amongst most people.
de Bizzle4Shizzle 10 octobre 2005
1233 477
rubbin ur penis wit ur hands or objects
it feels wicked good but its not as good as pussy so guys do it when theyre not gettin any
all guys do it like evry day im doin it right now
de billy bob 14 décembre 2003
969 511
when a guy rubs his big throbbing cock cuz he can't put it in my pussy cuz i am too busy rubbing it to notice him
de sexybabe 21 août 2003
1165 750
rubbing a smooth long cock up and down and all over, usually using some type of lubricant and usually while looking at chicks getting fucked. after jacking off, you cum all over your own hand.
i love jacking off and then coming in your mothers mouth
de loves2jack 26 mai 2004
807 483
Causes Pleasure and Anger. The pleasurable part is pre-ejaculation. The Anger part is post-ejaculation. This is the part where the man becomes mad at himself for wasting 30 minutes of his time. The world suddenly becomes clear and the chemical imbalance is one again balanced. Too bad no man learns this lesson and history repeats itself.
I had a great time jacking off, up until the end.
de Patrick 23 avril 2008
479 261
Giving the 'Private' a dishonorable discharge.
Battling the Cyclops. (Or.. how to kill a Tennessee eel.)
de Private P. Nuss 16 août 2004
530 321