An It Girl is a trend-setting (in fashion, lifestyle, etc.) woman or girl with a ton of self-confidence and self-worth that sets the example of how to have it all, and look good doing it. She knows exactly who she is and what she wants, and has an unbelievable generosity of spirit; always taking time to be kind and charitable. She is like a sparkling light, and everyone around her are like the moths drawn to the light. Her magnetism is out of control, and she leaves a lasting emotional and physical impression on everyone she encounters; she's iconic. She is extremely intelligent and driven, and takes calculated risks, always learning from mistakes and those around her. She creates beauty and art through whatever talent she is blessed with. She isn't afraid to be herself and never follows the latest trends, instead creates them through her unique and impeccable sense of style. She has premium taste and very high standards, only surrounding herself with the best in all aspects of life, such as family, love, friends, and career. She is the ultimate in class and always keeps her cool. She may be incredibly attractive, but she is NOT for sale, and treasures herself too much to be used or exploited. She is always in control of herself and makes decisions based on what SHE wants for herself. However, she is NOT PERFECT, and she doesn't claim to be, no human is, she is just absolutely thrilling to be around and because she has such an inner beauty, the outside can't help but follow! There is no denying when you are in the presence of an It Girl, you just know it!
Notable It Girls: Gwen Stephani, Angelina Joile, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katherine Heigel, Oprah Winfrey, Scarlett Johanssen, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, Gwenyth Paltrow

Also, having material things doesn't make you an It Girl, your individuality and self-respect does!
de Carly Zakutney 20 avril 2008
Top Definition
The "It Girl" is the girl that EVERYONE wants to be. She has everything that you want so you tend to envy her. She does all the things that you can't do so you grow to hate her. Being an "It Girl" is having the latest shits, (the best clothing and always stays fly) and the prettiest face. Her attitude can be fucked up or perfect like her looks. Her presence is always appreciated, ALL the guys Want her and ALL the girls want to be her!
Sasha is the new "It Girl" How cool!
de Natiya 28 juillet 2006
Someone admired for her beauty and brains! The It-Girl is the girl everybody wants to be, also even secretly, therefore REAL It-girls have the leading advanced education, clothing style and lifestyle! Typical It-Girls are Gloria Vanderbilt, the Balash cousins and the Balash sisters, Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone. NOTICE: an It-Girl is not someone who is dubbed one simply by the media. An It-Girl is someone who receives much respect for her personality, character, intelligence and education as well as her prominent heritage (most typical, smart and notable, impeccable breedings include firstly the Kennedys, the Astors, the Balash family, the Vanderbilts). Other families might be rich but simply coming from a rich background does NOT qualify one as an It-Girl. An It-girl has respect for herself and an outstanding, fabulous taste in clothes and lifestyle.

The lifestyle of a (respectable and clever) Jetsetter!
Those Kennedys and the Balash family are such It-families! Hey look, it's Angelina, wow gotta check out her latest adventures, she's such an educated, hot and chic It-Girl. She's got everything: class, style, beauty and brains!
de Brooke.Holsson 6 septembre 2014
The girls you want to know more about, the girls you want to look like, the girls you say you hate but.. you secretly love them!
Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie are my favorite It Girls!
de Dumby 3 août 2007
Most people would say that an it girl is someone who 'is loved by everyone' and 'really pretty and amazing'. But me and my friends think not. We think that an it girl is completely different. We think that an it girl is a horrible bitch who picks out the imperfections people have and starts bitching about them. They also think that their the bees knees and above everyone else. They have a lot of 'friends' who are just the same and follow what they do. They get the most likes on instagram and Facebook and have the highest snapchat score. They get comments on posts that are usually 😍😍,🔥🔥 or 😙😙 and they live for the attention they get and the retaliations you give to their bitchy comments they give. But just like celebrities the have a lot of 'fans' and a lot of 'haters'. And I am proud to say I'm one of them. Because as you know 'haters gonna hate'.
"You know that ellie?"
"She's such an it girl"
"Haha ikr"
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de Chloverclobo 25 janvier 2016
An it girl. Often someone who a lot of people look up to. But can be very horrible and bitchy, to people who are just as pretty as them but not as confident. An it girl could also be described as someone who thinks they have a lot of friends. When their really just admirers. Or, an it girl could be someone who thinks their 'it'. Who walks around with their besties and laugh at everyone they see. They walk around thinking their Queens, and that everyone loves them (when they actually don't). So basically an it girl could mean anything to anybody.
"You know that girl over their"
"The blonde one?"
"Yeah. She's such an it girl!"
"Haha a right it girl."
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de Chloverclobo 19 mars 2016
The girl you want to be, but you can't,
the girl who you hate, but deep inside are obssesed,
the girl you are jealous on,
that girl is the IT GIRL.
my It Girls: Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, Leighon Meester, Mischa Barton
de Bad`Gir; 31 mai 2009
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