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Stolen. Past participle of hork.

Stolen is the Canadian definition of horked. I have never heard the term horked to mean broken.
Bob McKenzie, "No way, eh, they horked our beer!"

Doug McKenzie, "Take off, they... oh jeez, you're right. They did hork our beer!"
de Roy 7 octobre 2004
103 45
computer geek slang for programming code or software that is broken, f-ked up, corrupted.
Dude, your code totally HORKED the build today.
de Simone Cox 11 juillet 2005
113 41
To be out-of-whack; to be destroyed; to be completely unworkable.
Installing those new speakers in my car horked my amp.
de Hawk 17 septembre 2003
104 43
Canadian Slang: To Steal
You horked my Beer.
de RheaJ 22 avril 2009
17 10
To squirt fluid out of your nose, ie. beer, in the midst of uncontrollable laughter
HAHAHA I just horked beer out of my nose.
de KlassyChris 22 août 2011
2 6
The failure of computer networking Hardware.
This router is horked.
de Louie Beans 19 novembre 2009
3 10
fouled, screwed, fucked, trashed. After Ren Höek, the neurotic chihuahua from the animated Ren and Stimpy Show.

Said of a hairball outside of a cat.
I can't ping the server, the router is all horked up.

Spot finally horked up that hairball.
de Hal Mounce 28 septembre 2007
9 17