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the city of houston, texas. home to beyonce knowles who is in the pop group destiny's child.
oh shit beyonce is so fine, i want me some of that.
de jiggamon 15 janvier 2003
319 142
H-Town(AKA Hustle Town, AKA Houston) is where all the best Rappers come from.
Somebody:Hey yo Flip whatchu reppin?
Lil Flip:H-Town nigga.
de Devilish Eminem 18 juin 2003
972 314
tha slang name for Houston
H Town!
de B Money 4 mars 2003
719 132
The City of Houston, Texas.
I have to drive back to H-town this weekend to make my mom do my laundry.
de theatrebrad 25 février 2005
682 162
HOUSTON, Texas its the city where Mike Jones, Paul Wall,Slim Thug,Brooke Valentine, and other artist came from. Also were choppped and screwed music originated from.
The other hand on my cup, sippin that purple stuff
H-Town Houston Texas we jam music screwed up - Mike Jones
de TinaMarie 18 septembre 2005
518 128
Houston,Tx nigga the home of the playaz and pimps and some fine niggaz
yo nigga were u from?

H-town hoe!
de Texas gal 9 mai 2004
467 173
Slang word for Houston, Texas.
Guy: That rapper Mike Jones is ill, where he from?
Thug: H-Town foo'!
de GangstaBoi 19 février 2006
318 89
the only true city in TX
"D-town" & the "Alamo City" don't have shit on H-town. Respect is shown to the H-town from the dirty.
de Haterzerasingmyshits 1 novembre 2003
483 283