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Derogatory term for a woman's vagina as it is effectively a tube into which the male member is inserted.
Dave: So mate, do you think you'll get any action tonight?
Warren: Dunno dude but as we're going to that complete meat market of a club tonight there should be plenty of sluts their whose fuck tubes need plugging.
Dave: Yeah man, you gotta violate those fucking fuck tubes!
de Ball Bag 20 février 2006
N: The hot, wet, slippery place you want to slide your stiff cock into. Also see, cunt,.
Anna gor her fuck tube filled of sperm last night
Sally has the best most fuckable fuck tube
de chris50M 20 janvier 2006
noun, the vagina
His dick slid easily inside her soppy wet fucktube until she was sitting on his balls.
de Tiago Zuhr 25 août 2008
Any long, slick place on a person where a penis may be inserted for pleasure (mouth, vagina, ass). Can also be a pocket pussy or Fleshlight.
1.That girls mouth is a serious fuck tube.
2.That fuck tube is seriously expensive, man. Go for the real thing instead.
de Auric 7 mai 2006
A simple expletive often used when something goes horribly awry, often at the worst of times, and not aimed at a person specifically. Considered similar to bollocks or shit but with more comedy effect.
Employee #1: Oh...fucktubes!

Employee #2: What?

Employee #1: I just sent the boss an email by mistake.

Employee #2: So?

Employee #1: It was '10 things to say to your dick of a boss to guarantee you get fired out of a job you hate'.

Employee #2: Ouch. Seeya!

de dogsounds 3 septembre 2007
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