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A bicycle lacking a freewheel mechanism in the rear hub. That is the crank set and rear wheel are completely dependent of one another. To propel forward or backwards the pedals must be moving.
Aaron lets go lay down some skids; I just tuned up my new fixie.
de Jared 2 septembre 2004
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A hipster's main form of transportation.
Hipster #1: Let's all ride our fixies, because we're conformists.

Hipster #2: I love conforming by being nonconformist.

Hipster #3: Let's drink some PBR!
de iKirk 10 juillet 2009
Also see Fixed gear...

a bicycle with only one rear cog or "gear" which is fixed directly onto the hub of the wheel. This style of bicycle preceeded the more modern freewheel single speed which allowed the rider to stop pedaling whilst coasting. Still more modern yet, is the multi-speed freewheel or freehub design which is just an expansion upon the single speed freewheel.
That's a sweet fixie!
de jayhawkbiker 3 avril 2007
A fixed gear,the simplest form of bicycle, 1 gear with no coasting/freewheeling mechanism. Generally made on old road (AKA 10 speed) frames (different than , but similar in appearance to a "track bike" which is built up on a frame designed specifically for racing in a velodrome.) Its lack of extra bits is ideal for bike mechanics who don't enjoy fixing their own bikes after wrenching at work all day. Also enjoyed by annoying scenesters, the "Super Rookie," and "poor" college students who ride them because they think that it makes them cool.
I finally pulled off my derailleurs and lost my ability to coast on my bike, now i got me a fixie and am uber cool and can get the ladies without my Benz.
de deek da biker 7 février 2006
A term used to denote a group of hipsters, largely inspired by the ridiculous bicycles they like to ride. Similar examples would include a flock of birds, a school of fish, etc.
This bar was pretty awesome until that fixie of hipsters showed up.
de Hank Bennet 30 novembre 2009
A bicycle with a single gear and no brakes, the type that you used when you were fucking 8 years old.

Is said to be it's own "Sub-culture" but according to a hipster, everything they like is a sub-culture, and everything else is mainstream garbage.

Since it has no brakes, it has no business being on the actual road, and is usually used to ride around the neighborhood to make the user's hipster status higher than all the neighborhood kids.

Pretty soon, every single hipster douche/wannabe is gonna be riding this and believe it's so "indie."
Hipster- "nice bike kid"

Kid- "better than your fixie faggot bike, i can actual go on the dirt with this bike."
de Thatspopularforareason 27 mars 2010
fixie. a hipsters best friend, probably the only thing he loves. usually a bright yellow mid 70's peougeot with the rear cog locked. also known as a fix-gear. there are two types of fixie, 700c and 27". according to hipsters, 27" bikes are not true fixies. a fixie is usualy comprised of said peougeot frame and extremely rare/hard to find OEM parts (campy stem, maxy crank, etc). usualy the fixie riding hipster tries to play it off like he just "found" the parts/frame at a goodwill. when in fact he searched for quite some time and spent a good sum of his parents money on them. the life span of a fixie is quite short, hipsters dont beleive in a chain, or any kind of locking mechanism, so they frequently get stolen by bums/hobos.
hipster: nice fixie... oh, 27"?
non hipster: yeah.
hipster: i got the hookup on some nice 700's if youre interested.
non hipster: fuck off.
de MC fudger 23 mai 2009
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