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A mixture of feministic and fantastic.
"That girl is so feministic!"
#feminist #fantastic #femtastic #feminism #female
de elenalockwood 23 novembre 2011
Bogus statistics used by Feminists to further their agenda. Figures usually range from extremely misleading to comically untrue.
"Did you know 8 in every 3 women are raped in their life time? Did you know that a woman will have to work approximately 200 years to earn as much as the average man does before lunch on a Monday?"

"Yeah, I dunno. Sounds awfully like a bunch of feministics to me."
#feminism #false #fraudulent #untrue #deceptive #patriarchy #misogyny #sexism #gender #misandry #equality #inequality #womyn
de Victor Vendrell 16 mars 2015
To have feminist-like qualities or tendencies
Our society is the most feministic it ever has been, however we still have a ways to go before women are truly seen as equals.
de Skling 17 janvier 2016
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