Something that is sexually arousing, sensuous.

The main difference between erotica and pornography seems to be that erotica is closer to fine art and of a romantic nature while pornography is seen as crass and degrading.
The Song of Songs is among the most erotic passages in the Bible (or in any literature).

Romantic literature is often erotic:
"...their lips rosy and swollen in delight... Tatiana's honey-colored skin was flushed pink as she collapsed against the luxuriously full pillows on the bed, her obsidian hair spilling in all directions, the hillocks of her bosom peaked with excitement. Felipe's sinewy, barrel chested form and his smouldering coffee eyes gazed upon her eagerly as his strong, cinnamon hands gently caressed her silken thighs, like two gazelles, and the fullness of her hips. His breath caught in his throat as he beheld the blossom of her loins in its nest of curls, the petals dripping with the nectar of her desire, her pearl awaiting his kiss. Felipe's bull shoulders trembled, the head of his soldier rose and peered through its hood..."
de Lorelili 3 novembre 2012
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something that sparks sexual feelings, urges to get down, all meaning.....something that gets you horny.
"men see strippers cause they're erotic"

i tried.
de etchasketch 21 octobre 2003
Sexually arousing, usually in the form of pornography, erotica, etc.
The lonely man searched for erotic material on the internet.
de [EnforcerBot] 17 mars 2005
as in (food) = every single bite taken out of a certain food brings extreme flavorgasm and pleasure to the person eating it
sentence using it "my god winston made sum erotic pasta the other day"
de peter pan2324567890 7 octobre 2010
When you feel that feel, as if you're rising to heaven. It's something that you want to feel everyday, and something that will stick with you all your life. When you see it, your dick will harden or your vagina will become wet.
Imagine that you're at a bar.There's the counter and the bar waiter.Then off to the side, there's a pole.The pole is colorful and reaches from the ceiling to a raised stand.Around the pole there are chairs.Sitting in the chairs are fat ugly people.Except for 3 of them.The three consist of you, Ronald Reagan and Adolf Hitler.Next to the pole is a HOT chick.Suddenly all of the people sitting in chairs pull out a stack of bills. They start throwing the cash at her, yelling, "Make it rain!" The HOT chick starts to dance on the pole. Around the pole. Upside-down the pole. By now your stack of bills are gone. So you reach down and grab another stack of bills. Except this time, the bills are all 20's. Again you and your men start throwing cash and yelling, "Make it rain!" Now that the HOT chick knows that you're serious, she slowly reaches around to grasp the back of her bra. Instantly, 25% of the fat and ugly people faint. Seeing this, she pauses, but continues to remove the bra. Slowly. By the time you get to see anything, 50% of your men are out. Suddenly, Ronald Reagan reaches down and pulls out a million dollar bill and places it in front of himself. The HOT chick sees this and go's over. Eroticly, she grabs the cash with her b00bs. At this point all of the fat men are down. The only ones left are you, Ronald and Hitler. Hitler gets mad at Ronald for taking his idea and starts a fight with him. You simply watch in awe as the HOT chick goes, grabs her millions and walks away.
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