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Expletive. Another word for CRAP.
see also "piece of criz" or "criznap"
Piece of criz! I dropped my favorite Hall & Oates record in the storm drain!
de Stupidvan 20 mars 2003
marijuana, pot, weed.

Let's smoke some criz
de dansonn 1 septembre 2007
a hot piece of arse
Paul: Dude, did you see her?
John: Yeah! She's a criz!
de Kenny Lipagora 24 février 2009
Some ugly person's name.
Hey Criz, want me to punch you!?
Yeah sure...
de en esse en 6 mars 2003
Another word for butt crust. Same thing but different.
Wipe that CRIZ boy!
de en esse en 6 mars 2003