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A girl attending the all girls Catholic school of St. Joseph Convent San Fernando (the sister school of Presentation College) These girls ted to be very intelligent although the sometimes tend not to show it and have a strange fascination with and the ability to attract large amounts of Pres Boys the tend to travel in medium sized groups and their main stomping ground can be considered San Fernando (esp. the promenade and High Street) and the Gulf City Mall.These young ladies are generally friendly (there are exceptions) and you should hope to be lucy enough to meet one.they tend to use the term Y'all alot and are generally talented in singing, dancing acting and stepping. They are unlike what most rumours say NOT stuck up.

Hmm whats with the grey skirt and tie!?

Don't you know she's a convent girl!
de bronte91 14 février 2009
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Horrible British girl. Brought up with conservative values. Goes to an all girl convent school and thinks because of this they are better than everyone. Absolute slag - has sex with everything in sight. Shop at Waitrose (stupidly expensive British supermarket) and would rather go bankrupt than be seen elsewhere. Scum of the earth in my humble opinion.
Working class lad: Mate, you seen that convent girl?
Other working class lad: Another one of them slags is she?
de BigMac2009 13 juillet 2009
A girl attending a convent school (usually referring to St. Joesph Convent, San Fernando). Some may have an American accent (that is questionable since they live 3000 kilometres from that continent). they posess a very high superiority complex and a sterotypical 'convent girl' is as follows: lightly skinned, fake accent, rich, can be seen surrounded by a bandwaggon of 'pres men' (their brother school), blonde mentality (although they do posess enough brain cells to get them into that school in the first place. this is the definition of a stereotypical convent girl, obviously this does not apply to all.
boy 1: whhheyyy look at that white girl with the nice ass!
boy2: yeah boy...yuh hadda know a convent girl when yuh see one, she ass wasn't always like that!
de Xxrolls_eyesxX 30 octobre 2010

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