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Clinton, NJ is a town where nothing happens. A shit ton of old rich pricks destroy anything fun here, and the taxes are so high it's like your .12 acre backyard is covered in blood diamonds. Clinton is also infamous for its cops, and their urge to pull anyone under the age of 25 over for absolutely nothing. It's no wonder though, cause the kids here are all pompous spoiled assholes or druggies. Few good people remain in the town of Clinton, and they're either there because our school system fucking rocks, or because it's the last place kids can play in the street without worry of them turning into gangbangers.

Random NHHS Student: What you do this weekend bro?

Punk Kid: Oh nothing, a Clinton cop gave me a bald tire ticket

Other Kid: Oh sheeeeet when did you get your tires bro?!?!

Punk kid: four days ago.
I pass by Clin'on on 78, but I've never been there, and I hurd not a thing happens there.

Me:What is there to do in Clinton Nj?
You: We could always go to citispot!!
Me: Kurt Cobain was right *shotgun shell to mouth*
de Anorthstudent 22 octobre 2013
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