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cash, money etc. the words cash, and hashish combined.
I need a job man, I'm desperate for some cashish!
de greg 24 janvier 2006
31 12
Money to burn, get it?
Mike: We need to get some 40's and blunts up in here.
Joe: I ain't got the cashish man.
de Frolic112 16 décembre 2009
13 2
Based on the words cash and hashish, the term was coined by a bearded weed-fiend and originally used to describe money set aside to buy hash but usage has widened to describe money set aside to be later invested in non-specific recreational or social activities.
Any cashish you make on the deal you can bring and buy us beverages
de Battles 16 octobre 2005
9 3
Slang term for money that can be used in street transactions
Hey we need to get some beer. How much cashish do you have on you?
de licoricedad 28 janvier 2008
6 4
Cashish is a term used to describe physical money (ie. cash) that is used for frivolous purposed. Paper money that figuratively is burned up.
"How much cashish was that hotdog?"

"I dunno, pass the hashish"
de zzzebralynx 10 septembre 2011
0 0
Cash, loot, money, cheddar.
I need a boatload of cashish.
de Connery 14 juin 2005
2 2
Money, usually paper bills that have been passed around by many hands and is usually filthy. like hashish.
Cashish : a 20$ bill with a dirt stain on it.
de Joshua Dylan Carter 11 juin 2008
2 5