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Derived from a 1993 rap song by rapper E-40 about the adventures of a Financial savior to underpriviledged inner city hood rats.

A golddigger's dream. A man that will drop dimes on you (i.e. get your hair and nails done, take care of your childroes, pay your bills)

A man that does this is usually Captain Savin'

See Captain Savin'
Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's plane!
Wus that foolz name
Captain Save A Hoe main
de Dz Nutz 16 janvier 2004
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Somebody who will do anything for women. A fool who will buy dinner, diamonds, pearls, clothing, etc because he thinks that he will get some play but always ends up alone.
I don't know why he alwayz tryin ta be a captain Save-A-Hoe.
de Shahi 26 décembre 2005
The phrase was popularized by from that e-40 song to refer to a dude that plays the role. buy girls shit, gives them money and eats the box execively. Mean while she uses his ass for all that shit. Dude falls in love to soon. shit like that
"Its a bird its a plane what is that niggas name captain save a hoe, hey" -E-40-
The guys keeps buying flowers for that girl he just meet. What a Captain save a hoe mother fucker
de B-dub (refers to my age) 18 novembre 2005
A guy who is always a gentile man even when the girl is a bitch he will always take her side even when she is wrong and will spoil any woman even if he knows hes not getting laid. Will even brake the unspoken man laws for the woman. But has a alter ego if pushed to far he will become a player and Nice guy so that he gets the women at the end of the night. Can be used as and insult or a compliment.
My brother, me and some buddys were watching tv

Girl: "T.V. to loud baby"

Me: "Tough the games on"

Buddys:" you dont even live here"

Brother: "guys chill out or your all going home"

Girl: "thank you baby"

Me: "bros before hoes Captain save-ahoe let the bitch talk for herself"

turns down tv Me:"later bro call us up when the hoe leaves"
de Mr. Save-ahoe 22 juillet 2011
1) A black man who believes black women are perfect and does no wrong often giving black women excuses and comes to the defense of black women when they are clearly in the wrong. often he has been raised by alot of single black women, driends with alot of females or raised by a single mother.

2.) A black male who thinks like a black women and believes all black women are victims in every situation and clearly believes each crap they say. Too dumb to believe anything is their fault.
Michael believes all single black mothers are victims rather than realizing the fact that they made a stupid idiotic choice to sleep with the bum ass nigga and get pregnant. Therefore he is a Captain Save A Hoe.
de Nashif 11 juin 2009
means to casually utter the word captain in front of your friends with the expectation that they will come save you from a creepy guy you cant seem to ditch.
"Can I get a Captain?!" Jessica
which is code for:"Can I get a Captain Save A Hoe"
Natalie swoops over and takes Jessica away to the bar, leaving the loser who she needed to get away from alone.
de Lynnieee 5 août 2008

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