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Making money by way of businesses.
I've finished making instrumentals for my record label now its time to get my bustle on and mingle with some artists.
de Intelligent Thinker 2 octobre 2012
5 0
excited and often noisy activity; a stir
Hustle and bustle are like my right and left arms.
de living_elegy920 28 avril 2005
35 16
1.) To move very quickly from one place to another.
2.) To run in an odd fashion w/ arms flinging and legs flopping about.
Cristen bustled to her locker to grab her book before the bell rang for school.

Harv and Ragan had a head on collision due to their extreme bustling.
de Laura aka Harv 24 octobre 2005
9 11
to dispute the terms of an established agreement and refuse to fulfill one's end of the bargain; especially a business agreement.
"We finished his web site, only for him to bustle out of the deal by saying it wasn't what he wanted."
de Alvin Mason 30 mars 2006
4 8