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adj. Something so saturated in bro that your emotions and feelings are taken over and you are left at a loss for words at the broness of it all. Typically something considered "broverwhelming" will focus on beer, high fives, women more beautiful and sexy than any you'll actually meet in real life, and conversations about sexual conquests followed by more high fives.
Example 1: Friend 1 - "What movie did you end up watching last night, and how was it?"
Friend 2 - "I watched Fast and Furious 7. It was completely broverwhelming, what with the camera randomly panning from muscled guys driving fast cars, to hot girls' asses, to women in bikinis dancing in cages, to beer, to hot girls' asses, to tires spinning, to hot women dancing under streams of water, to fast cars, and then to asses again, because broness. I had to read a few passages from Sense and Sensibility when I was done to repair the damage."

Example 2: "That party I went to last night was totally broverwhelming. When I showed up, there were a bunch of guys huddled around each other throwing their hands in the air while singing along with 'Tonight We Are Young' by FUN. Then they all slammed a beer, gave each other high fives, and asked all the girls to have a wet t-shirt contest, which they did while giggling like idiots."
de TyroneSlothrop 10 décembre 2015
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