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1) The softest, tastiest, most tender cut of chicken.
2) The softest, tastiest, most tender part on a woman.
3) Where milk comes from.
Those breasts are making my mouth water!
de Oprah 21 février 2003
3613 545
The best pillows you can sleep on!
You get a scale that defines them:
(from small to massive)
1 flat
2 fried eggs
3 titties
4 tits
5 Jibbies
6 boobs
7 broobs
8 breasts
9 juggs
10 mellons
de Who's huw 6 novembre 2003
4116 1309
girls body part that boys love to Squeeze and girls don't like it
<boy> let me Squeeze your breast

<girl> hell no! do you even know how that feels
de Starr 3 juin 2004
3033 1436
the greatest creation known to man
and the lord said "let there be breasts on women."
de dave 23 mars 2003
2068 471
On a female, a mystical body part, it is common belief that if a man were to look at any other spot on a woman's body he would turn to stone.
"Keep your eye on that breast laddy, and all knowledge in the world will be yours."
de Jeremy 15 novembre 2003
1629 519
What lonely teenaged boys wish they could touch.
Look at that girl's breasts. I just want to reach over and...
de Colony 20 septembre 2003
1476 465