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A breakwater is a dump that is so large that part of it remains above the surface of the water in the toilet bowl.
After the sheer gluttony of the previous night out Bill damn near took a picture of the breakwater he plugged Jim's toilet with in the morning.
de vanjfor3 7 juin 2014

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v. regarding pooping, a payload so large that a portion of the deposit is protruding from the surface of the toilet water. see also low tide.
bachelor: "man, i just took the biggest dump. it was awesome."
roommate: "cool. did you break water?"
de andylago 1 septembre 2005
A backroom tatic used in conflicts to illicit favors without official ackowledgement.
Rose and Jan slept with Uuchi so the rest of their families would not be harmed. This breakwater was eventually ended and Uuchis clan went on to become the wives of the Scotts.
de Bob Dabolina 28 avril 2007
To bang out while the lady friend is pregnant.
"I break water" - Tracy Morgan
de MO12 6 novembre 2005