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It's a skin elevation full of water after and infection or burning
If you touch that hot bar it'd let you a painful blister
de fanroc 11 janvier 2006
66 12
Some lazy bastard who always misteriously appears after the hard work has been finished, much like a blister
Mat came over to help move the bulk stack after finishing guitar hero for the 4th time today
Wat a filthy ranga blister
de simo1981 20 avril 2008
57 9
A type of retail packaging that looks like a transparent bubble glued or taped to a cardboard backing.
"He was selling a vintage star wars figure but the blister was coming unglued from the cardback"
de TC84 12 février 2013
7 1
Someone who is a pain in the ass (ie: skutch ). Usually in reference to comments that said person makes; which are designed to be agitating for the amusement of the blister.
"Matt, you're such a blister."
de The Blister 12 janvier 2009
8 10
A person that does hardly any work
Hey blister why not picking up a shovel for a change?
de Hdj 28 janvier 2008
14 16
Computer code that is used to link tables in a database without using SQL.
I can not write an SQL program to insert that data, there's a Blister in the system.
de Robert A. 12 août 2004
21 25