1 kilo of cocaine, plural version would be "BIRDS"
ive got only about a half a bird left untill i holler at spanish jose later this evening
de crispy chris the barber 19 août 2007
a person from the svu fandom who is total trash and garbage. hates warren leight, is gay, watches the x-files probably.
oh my god mariska followed a bird. how dare she.
de partyhardlikeabard 27 juin 2014
The bird is the word.
The bird is the word.
de iLame 7 septembre 2011
a female slot,hore or stuff like that
1.that girl is a bird

2. no shes not
1. yea look at her clothes
de spongeb0b 5 septembre 2011
A girl who has no ambitions in life. You will mainly find these women in 18+ clubs... But they just happen to be 23 years old.
Wasn't she just at the club yesterday? What a bird.
de Sicker than the Remix 30 juin 2011
the word
bird bird bird the bird is the word
de poopfacenumberone 15 décembre 2010
The word.
B-b-b-bird bird bird, Bird is the word.
de Sliadonii 23 mars 2010
Your mom.
Ima go on and ask my bird if I can ride with you.
de Kelly Koz 5 mars 2009

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