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hot person of the opposite sex on your arm; could be same sex
Look at the arm charm that guy has!
#arm candy #trophy #gold digger #hottie #eye candy
de mia swallows 24 juillet 2006
A person whose greatest value is their ability to appear attractive while on the arm of a companion.
de Laura Hadfield 17 avril 2003
A person you wouldn't fuck, but looks good standing beside you or walking with you.
I don't think Blake would be the right person to have a long term relationship with, but he makes a good arm charm.
#ornament #trinket #accessory #momento #limb
de wcat0213 28 décembre 2009
Slang for under arm deodorant
I was smelling pretty bad after my workout so I put on some arm charm.
de foggy708 25 avril 2016
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