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A really fat ugly bitch that thinks she's hot.
Dude, that fatass torta is lookin at you
de furynator3000 6 août 2009
178 37
The one fat bitch that hangs out with good looking bitches.
Fuck, that TORTA broke my fuckin' chair again.
de Lil Man 17 juillet 2003
180 110
A fat cumdumpster (woman) they are notorious for being conceited and thinking that they weigh 200 lbs less than they do.
Orale esse! Cuidado con esa torta!
de Nigga12 13 novembre 2008
110 58
A woman who is obese
My husband cheated on me with a torta
de Miss Edis 18 novembre 2010
52 40
a person thats always eating and never seams to get full
boy-"i want a sandwich"
girl-"wtf? didnt you just eat!"
girl-"your a freakin torta you know that!"
de BaBeLocs 23 juillet 2008
37 47
Monica Lewinsky
I'll tapitytaptap that Lewinsky torta.
de DJ LATIN 10 septembre 2003
39 59
Another word for "pussy"
Quieres ver mi torta caliente y jugosa?
de pleasurezonelatina 8 septembre 2003
74 94