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(vb) To get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.
I was in the middle of Times Square and I saw a girl Tebowing in the street. She almost got squashed. (see
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de tebowing 25 octobre 2011
v- Te-bow-ing- the act of getting down on one knee and thanking the Lord for something you actually did
Timmy got a 100 on his math test yesterday and he stayed up all night Tebowing because he's a good christian.
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de thegame1800smd 12 décembre 2011
to refer to throwing a pass short and behind an open receiver.
Dude, I was wide open! Why are you Tebowing?
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de bubbagump1975 20 octobre 2012
a christian pondering
tebowing christian ponder
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de BobCheese18 23 novembre 2013
Tebowing; slang. language of origin- ESPN. definition: 1) the act of striking a particular one-knee down kneeling pose in celebration of completing any task which by no specific means the individual in question should have rationally been able to accomplish themself without divine intervention. 2) a manner by which a person can non-verbally declare themself to others as an overhyped participant. See also: douchebaggery.
With the Broncos playing the Patriots in the divisional playoff game this weekend, I don't foresee much more Tebowing this season. And thank God for that.
#tebow #tebowing #douchebaggery #touchdowns for jesus #lame
de fudgebot5000 10 janvier 2012
Sexual position. it's a modified doggy style where the man is on one knee. Named after Tim Tebows tendency to "come from behind" to win the game.
Rick: Dude i was Tebowing my girlfriend while watching the game last night!

Rod: how so?

Rick: I came from behind
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de jmeezie 15 décembre 2011
When your religion is more of a spectacle than your skill set.
"Jim, I hired you to fill out TPS reports, not to proselytize to the entire industry. You're Tebowing, and driving a lot of potential investors away."
#tim tebow #tebow-ing #florida gators #denver broncos #religion
de JustDizzle 14 janvier 2012
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