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The perfect amount of beer left in a can that is just over the acceptable limit that people who finish their beers would allow. The TL Amount is unacceptable and should be called out anytime one is found. Possible times include rounds of DDD, usually resulting in many TLA's, and Bowser coming in 4th place on the rainbow road.

TLA also coincides with Too much Left Amount.
When you do the thing with the thing, and leave a TLA sitting around. T is known for creating the TLA.
de CrosscountryTLA 5 octobre 2011
0 9
Titty Licking Action
Person #1: I was totally got to second base last night.... with my tongue
Person #2: That's some serious TLA
de Kenny Kildahl 8 février 2009
7 28
acronym for tits legs and ass
Whoa! That babe has some nice TLA
de ijiermz 29 juillet 2005
20 42
Textual Laugh Attack

When you receive a message that's so hilarious you laugh out loud and type in HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH as you text. This is known as a textual laugh attack.
Person #1: Hey, guess what?
Person #2: What?
Person #1: Penis!
Person #1: omg, you just TLA'd!
de jonnjonn141 13 février 2009
15 39
An acronym with the value of "Turning Like an Asshole", which may be used as a verb or a noun.
"Hey dude, you just TLA'd around that corner!"
de Skanking Fatih 20 juillet 2006
7 42