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adj. Forceful, in Swahili

Shomari means forceful in the Swahili language and is a name given to boys who will grow into great warriors.
The shomari military always gets what it wants.
de RadiumEffect 15 novembre 2011
33 10
Mythical African warriors that cleanse evil.
The Shomari came in the night and removed the thief from our midst.
de Rum Powered 27 novembre 2011
17 7
Spirit walk, usually to find oneself
He took a shomari to find his true calling and cleanse his spirit.
de ShaunTheSheep1311 18 novembre 2011
13 8
n-A person who's skilled in multiple areas, and can kick ass.
Dude, that's guy's a fucking Shomari. I haven't seen those bullies since he "talked" to them.
de The Man of Many Fists 18 juillet 2011
23 18
a person who shakes, scratches and has achieved white lips by doing to much crack.
that Tyrone Biggums is such a Shomari
de jobba jobba 25 février 2005
24 68
A person who sits in front of a house all day on a porch and snoots cocaine all day.
"Get out of here you god damn shomari's"
de jobba jobba 24 février 2005
23 70