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rectum (chiefly British)
Last night I had a curry for me tea, and this morning, me ringpiece was like a Caribbean sunset.
de Julie 24 octobre 2003
123 24
The exit from the anus, a small brown hole
"This evening, Carla, I will penetrate your ringpiece"

"if you continue pointing that camera in my direction I swear I will shove up your ringpiece"
de Stevie 16 octobre 2003
148 55
The anus, specifically the brown eye. Often used as an insult. UK English.
"Fred is a bit of a ringpiece."
"Lick my ringpiece."
de Frank 23 novembre 2002
89 13
the ring of muscle around your bum hole.
she licked my ring piece
de oliver thompson 6 mai 2003
105 66
Bum-hole, Arse-hole, sphincter, brown eye, rusty sheriffs badge, chocolate starfish, Arris, Gary Glitter, Anus, rectum etc
After that harsh curry last night, my ringpiece became an outlet for a torrent of aromatic abuse.
de Wise Man 20 novembre 2003
56 19
Twenty-five pounds (money, not weight)
"Bugger, I just wasted a ring piece on the fruit machine."
de Walter Gropius 20 août 2007
86 66
sphincter, aresehole, asshole
my ringpiece is chaffing, i have a chapped ringpiece
de dean knowles 16 août 2003
33 13