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A beautiful girl who will light up your world with love and affection. She will always be by you side through anything you are going through. There isn't anyone you could meet who has a kinder heart than she. She is very funny too, she can always make you smile with a little joke. Whenever she is going through a rough time she always puts on a smile and remembers that there are others that are going through worse. She is forgiving and looks at not the things you've done wrong but the things you've done right. With her will and dedication she passionatley takes on a challenge even if it means losing sleep and energy! When she loves someone, she loves them to the fullest of her capability. She's a bit awkward and shy sometimes but you just have to get to know her. As oppose to most girls nowadays Prizm has class. Even if she doesn't want to Prizm cares about every living creature. She just might be the most strongest woman you'll ever meet, you are lucky to know her. She's one in a million.
de H.Y.H.P 15 septembre 2013
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