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adj. describing someone who obviously posts in Something Awful's Pretentious Hipster Irony Zone, often delineated by a combination of hipster and goon fashion such as tight pants and shirts, flannel, thick-rimmed glasses, obscure band tees, boots, messenger bags ponytails, neckbeards and anything else you can think of.
Did you see that dude with the faggy handbag? He's totally PHIZ...
de shittitties 16 octobre 2008
62 29
A person's face, or facial expression. Yes, this is actual British slang. It is a shortening of the word "physiognomy."
I punched him in his stupid phiz.
de asgawegsdsd 25 juin 2013
0 0
a person's facial expression
Why are you looking at me with such a sour phiz?
de darkxsun 4 juillet 2009
11 16
An exclamation of dismay, frustration or displeasure.
Phiz! I stubbed my toe!
Oh phiz, my girlfriend cheated on me.
Someone slashed my tires. That's some bullphiz.
de Trey Forrester 5 mars 2008
6 43