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To not partake in the use of a razor for the entire month of November.

This month has the effect of categorizing men, most of whom will have a girlfriend who disapproves and will counter by offering "No Sex November" as well. The pussies will cave within the first week and shave. The candidates will go the whole month without shaving. But the real men among us will not only not shave but will have sex anyway, once again proving the theory that women are always wrong.
Average douchebag guido chump: I was participating in No Shave November, but my ol' lady wouldn't give me any so I had to shave.

Moderately manly man: That's fucking weak. I went the whole month. Suck it up!

Fucking Viking: Hahaha, you two are a bunch of pussies. I couldn't even keep the bitches off of me this month, because I am a fucking Viking! Ha, ha.
de General Septem 6 octobre 2009
The month of November in which you don't shave any hair of your body but instead you grow more bestial, brutish, and manly.

The months of December, January, February, and so on follow and may also be included in this celebration of masculinity.

December = ("Don't Shave December")
January = ("Just Don't Shave January")
February = ("Forget to Shave February")
March = ("Masculine March")
April = ("Atrocious April")
May = ("Manly May")
My buddies and I all participated in No Shave November to raise awareness for the important and educational month of November. It is now a recognized national month that identifies the worth and meaning of celebrating masculinity.
de jpabaloni 19 novembre 2006
This is an event to raise awareness, usually for prostate cancer, but for men's health in general. The month of November has been dubbed Movember, and participants are dubbed either Mo Bros or Mo Sistas; Mo being short for Moustache.

To participate, you start off with a clean shave on October 31st, and do not shave your moustache for the entire month of November, and then resume your regularly scheduled shaves on December 1st. While this is generally a men's event, women are welcome to show support as well, via other means.
No Shave November
de JayDiddle 8 novembre 2011
Much like Movember, but instead of just growing out your mustache, you let all your facial hair grow out for the whole month. Shave on November 1st, and let it grow as long as it can get all november.
Guy #1: Why does that guy look like such a bum? He really needs to shave

Guy #2: Dude, chill out. He is celebrating No-Shave November!

Guy#1: Oh. What a badass!
de greasymeatloaf 1 novembre 2009
The month of the year when one allows full facial hair to grow out. Very similar to Mustache March however much more grand in scheme.
Bob: I like the facial hair

Jimmy: Yes it is No-shave November
de TDM Autosales 23 février 2010
When a male doesn't shave their facial hair during the entire month of November. Also known as No Girlfriend November.
Boyfriend: I think I'm going to participate in No Shave November this year.
Girlfriend: That's fine, but don't call me until December 1st.
de idontlikebeards 23 novembre 2013
An excuse that one will not shave throughout the month of November
Man to Woman: Holy shit, your legs are hairy!
Woman to Man: -Bitchy- Uh, it's No-Shave November...

Child: You look just like Santa Claus!
Person: Shut the fuck up - it's No-Shave November
de noshaver:D 15 novembre 2009
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