The name given to a man with a sexy bad boy smirk that can tie you up in knots. Mikes are hard working to a fault, often leaving no time for themselves or those that want to share their life. Mike is very talented and creative in all aspects of their life. As a friend, they will always be there for you and their friendship is strong, lasting through the tests of time. As a family member, they are protective and giving. As a lover, Mikes will rock the world of the one that captures their heart. Those named Mike will keep their heart close and rarely shares their feelings. When they do share bits, it is with a privileged few. People love to be around Mikes because of their wonderful sense of humor but few will be allowed to see the deeper person below that sexy exterior. If a Mike allows you in, consider it a privilege. As much as Mikes can make a person feel special, they can sometimes make a person feel small quickly. They do no do this with malice but can become so focused they forget their actions speak louder than words. Most of the time they do not realize they have caused hurt as it was never their intention. Open communications may be a challenge with those called Mike but do not give up as they will come around if you persist.
A Mike as a friend is not as good as having a Mike as a lover but definitely better than a life with no Mike.
#sexy #friend #loyal #talented #funny
de Meow-Always here for you 10 novembre 2013
Short for Mike's Hard Lemonade.
Yo btch, where's the mike's at?
#alcohol #drinking #drunk #party #partying
de Lizxxthexxhoe 16 juillet 2006
a guy with dark hair that likes to steal chap-stick and use it for his lips.
Look in Mikes pocket!
#cece #micheal #bob #spongebob #lip-stick
de broseph20 14 juin 2010
A pansy ass bitch.

The state of being a pansy ass bitch.

1. Doing something pansy like a bitch.

2. Doing something a pansy ass bitch would do.
Yo, don't be like Mike.

Yo, his ass just pulled a Mike.

Mike, you're a pansy ass bitch!
#mike #pansy #bitch #ass #pussy
de Blingman I be shinin' 5 février 2010
A person generally known for his ability to fistfuck chimpanzees. Mike's seem to enjoy hanging out in dark alleys, with no pants on, while slapjacking to the beat of any song by Pantera.

Commonly known as the coolest person you will ever meat (and yes, it's spelled like that intentionally), Mike's have an insatiable appetite for eating babies.

One of Mike's favorite past times is hiding in bushes and throwing his own feces at passersby. While this sounds dirty, I assure you that Mike's are generally not a dirty creature. This has been documented by Mike's enthusiasm for his perfectly shorn nutsack... which will sometimes be presented as a "grapefruit" for those that are lucky enough to see it.
Hi, my name is Mike.
#mike #grapefruit #baby #nutsack #pantera #chimpanzee #insatiable #slapjack #feces #passersby #i #in #and #it #as #a
de allupinyabuttfoshowitdelscorho 5 février 2010
(n) Short for Mike's Hard Lemonade. an alcoholic beverage containing 5% alcohol by volume (which is more than most light beers). Mike's is not a beer it is considered a cooler. generally consumed by people who dislike the taste of beer.
beer? nah i could go for some Mike's tho.
#mikes #mikes hard lemonade #mike's hard lemonade #coolers #beer #alcohol
de The Junebug 19 mars 2010
a secret hit man whos is gay also likes godd music and can act very homosexual at times
oh mike is such a mike
#mike #hitman #notgay #homosexual #music #at tines
de shadowm32 1 avril 2010
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