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Domination, success, brilliance, prosperity
The MANship of men dominate life
de Flavio Bonvadio 4 août 2005
n. A character trait resulting from a blend of machismo, non-excessive masculinity, courage, and toughness. Manship represents the good side of manliness; a sort of bravery without braggadocio. Often contracted to "'ship"
The wide receiver showed some serious manship going up to make the catch and holding on to the ball despite taking a hit.

(Above sentence only applies if said receiver doesn't celebrate.)
de Sack D 30 août 2008
The graceful art of adding the letters M A and N to the end of your name, eg arnieMAN. Shows strength in ones character, and shows you are proud of your beautiful self. Also of berating unworthy people, by adding fag to the end of their name
eg. johnman, trentman, kaneman belong to the MANship.
eg. arnieman is the leader of the MANship.
eg. the MANship dominates
eg. joshfag is unworthy of MANship
de John Stratton 19 septembre 2005
A bond between two heterosexual males who understand each others' emotional and sexual needs.
Is Greg your close friend? Oh yah, we have a manship together.

My girlfriend doesn't understand me, only Alex gets me. We have more than a friendship, it's a manship.

My manship -- my hetro male soulmate!
de Bruce Fabian Johnson 4 novembre 2007
One worthy of contempt or ridicule. Generally associated with someone who whilst remaining essentially harmless - and often even likeable - makes a complete tosspot of themselves due to utterly inappropriate behaviour or poorly judged fashion statements. Many manships can be found in karaoke bars. One driving a vauxhall corsa with an oversize exhaust and dubiously executed modifications intended to make it look more like a fighter jet than a shit car is almost certainly a weapons grade manship.
Also as an expression of fatigue, or disability due to drug or alcohol abuse.
Descriptive of one wasting time or bungling aimlesssly. Predictably, also loosely interchangeable with the verb fuck. Plural manships, verb to manship
Why have you come to my grandmother's funeral in a crushed velvet suit; nay - a purple crushed velvet suit, you fucking manship?

Ye gods I'm manshipped. Take me home at once, driver.

What's that odd chap in the salopettes doing yonder? OH I don't know, just manshipping around I suspect.

She was a lovely girl, but her flaps were like a meaty windsock so I manshipped her in the ass and sent her home in the Rolls.
de Dave Le Grande 4 mai 2007
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