A high performance version of the popular Ford F-150 pickup truck. The Lightning version is built by Ford's Special Vehicle Team.
I just smoked that Silverado SS in the Lightning.
de pacodiablo 14 février 2004
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The main protagonist in Final Fantasy 13, and favorite target of Final Fantasy VII Fankids.

Her personality could be described as cold and stoic, but throughout the game the audience learns of the softer side of her character. She is tall with pink hair and has an athletic build, which is a change because final fantasy female characters mainly have more feminine build.

The game which she features in was average, and appealed to a largely different audience. A sequel of Final Fantasy 13 has been announced in which lightning will return.

FFVII Fankids hate lightning due to her looking vaguely similar to their god, Cloud Strife. She shares minor personality similarities too (is it just me or do all main protagonists in this franchise have the same personality traits?). In fact FFVII fankids refuse to accept that Square Enix has made any good games since the nineties.
Example 1:

Fangirl: OOOEEMMGEEE wasn't like FF13 the best game ever?!?! Although i have only played this game, i love all Final fantasy games because they are all the same...

Me: Yeah it was alright... She is pretty hot though-


Example 2:

Me: Man, i need to grind some cp. Lightning's levels are pretty low...

FFVII Fankid: Lightning sucks ass. Final fantasy 13 sucks ass. She is EXACTLY like Cloud. Square Enix is dead to me. Square Soft all the way!!! I'm going to go masturbate to pictures of cloud now.

Me: Riiight.
#lightning farron #cloud strife #final fantasy 7 fankids #ffvii #ffxiii #ffxiii-2 #final fantasy 13 #fangirls #cosplay #final fantasy #square enix #square soft #gunblade #lightning #final fantasy 13 2.
de Clairesfocus69 9 juillet 2011
A strike of electricity that comes from the ground up to a cummolimbus cloud.
Fred saw lightning and said "whoaaooaoaoaoaoa I win!"
de JOHNSON 30 octobre 2003
Lightning is the main protagonist of the game Final Fantasy XIII. She has long light pink hair and pale aqua eyes. Her real name if Claire Farron, sister of Serah Farron. Determined, concentrated and independent, she is cold and stand-offish to others she grows out of this during FF13. Raised her sister when she was just 15, and joined the Guardian Corps Bodhum Security Regiment, she began to spend less and less time with Serah. She also does not like when Serah reveals herself as a l'cie and thinks it's a cover up when she also announces her engagement to Snow Villiers. Becomes a L'Cie during the game after Anima blows up and brands everyone within sight. very kick ass.
""This is ridiculous. Worst birthday ever."

when at her 21st birthday, Serah reveals her fate as L'Cie and engagement to Snow.
#rpg games #final fantasy #ff-xii #serah farron sister #ffxiii protagonist
de Lexi, the gamer girl 9 mai 2011
A bolt of electricity that can be cloud to cloud or cloud to ground. It can kill and/or cause all kinds of problems, even brownouts and blackouts, which resets most appliances or fries them.
Woah! That was some scary lightning right there. It was so close it made a loud crack instead of a rumble of thunder.
#bolt #thunder #thunderstorm #lightning bolt #severe weather
de Frozen Myst 19 juin 2007
when u put ur hands together (like ur praying)and thrust at someones gut.

--hurts like hell--
i just lightninged a small orange peel flavored wizard after he force fed my dog a ground up mixture of mango seeds and starfish.
#dogs #granturismo #chives #rockets #very small rocks
de sombodyudontknow 16 janvier 2011
another word for cocaine
joe went crazy tonite at the party. he was probably riding the lightning
#lightning #coke #columbian bam bam #yak #blow
de DougSurf 28 janvier 2007
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